Nerf balls are not cheap

I’m sure the title seems kind of cryptic but you’ll have to read my little story first. My younger cat Nala decided that my nerf football was a chew toy about a week ago and pieces of it were missing. I found some here and there around the apartment and figured she just bit off pieces. Well this week I found out she ate some of it and started throwing up every few hours which is really gross when you have carpet. I took her to the vet today (not cheap!!) to get her x-rayed to make sure she’s alright. They gave her a sedative and threw her around like a lump of meat (I didn’t witness this, I’m just assuming here). Anyway, I have her back now and she has to take some pills for the next week or so but yeah, thats why nerf balls are not cheap in my house hold, some kitty always ends up going to the vet!


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