My trip to LA, Part 1!

I’m here in LA California and this is the first time I’ve actually had internet access. I haven’t had internet access since Sunday which really sucked. Well thats not totally true, I had access with my Treo Smartphone but that really doesn’t count. I’m getting off topic so here goes.

I got up insanely early on Sunday (4:30AM) for a 7AM flight. The flight itself wasn’t bad, I must say that Song Airlines has some awesome interactive TV where I played trivia games and watched Direct TV. Once we landed I landed I went through the struggles of finding a Super Shuttle to take me to my hotel. The hotel itself was pretty awesome. I have a nice balcony that I use a lot and I had two beds as well. The coolest part about Sunday was that I was able to go out and eat lunch with my internet sis Ali. We went to some diner that I can’t remember, I think the name of it is on her blog, and we also went with her boyfriend Alex. I’ve known Ali for close to a decade but this is the first time I’ve actually met her. I wasn’t able to stay out long with Ali and Alex since I had to go to my first conference meeting at 4PM. The conference begining was fine, not too interesting but all in all a good start. I ended the day watching lots of TV and cursing a lot because I had no internet.

Monday was the first full day and I had to be there before 8AM. I am not a morning person in any sense so getting up that early is almost foreign to me. There were lots of good speakers but it was SO LONG! I didn’t get out till about 6:15. The thing that made up for it was that I went out to eat at Houston’s and had my Hawaiian Steak which is just da bomb! I ended the night again watching more TV since there isn’t much else to do around here. Oh and there was the LA black out too which was fairly interesting.

Tuesday started off pretty good. They keynote speaker was some Stanford University Law professor and he had the best presentation so far. I’m going to search the CD I got at the begining for his presentation so I can look at it some more. I brought my laptop in but the wireless in the conference rooms didn’t work. How crappy is that? There are over 800 techs in LA for this conference and the wireless wouldn’t work. I’m sure between all of us we could have gotten it to work so we could at least have done SOMETHING. I had something interesting for lunch, I went out with my co-worker to this place at the mall but they “californiaized” it by adding this weird dressing, avocado’s, COLD noodles, and mango. Btw I ordered Salmon. LOL

It’s now Wednesday and I’m sitting here writing this blog waiting for the conference keynote to start up. Fun eh? I should be able to get online more later on today booyah!!


2 thoughts on “My trip to LA, Part 1!

  1. I don’t really eat California-ized crap. I get a albacore and avocado sandwich from one restaurant, but I don’t consider that “California.”

    The only other true California stuff is California Pizza Kitchen. The BBQ chicken pizza…Of course, I don’t eat it often. I used to make my own but I’m sick of it.

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