Being sick stinks

I don’t know how I got it (I suspect from someone at work) but I have a cold and it sucks badly. Of course I’m here at work, I don’t believe in taking sick days unless I can’t bring myself to get out of bed or something or my doctor tells me to stay at home. There is always a huge pile of crap waiting whenever I get back from vacations so if I can avoid taking sick days I do. I don’t enjoy the stuffed up, head pounding feeling I get not to mention the hot and cold flashes while sleeping. The only thing that I am looking forward to tonight is a nice dinner with my wife and some quality time in front of the TV with my wife and cats.

Mmm these Halls aren’t a bad consolation prize for right now though…………..


One thought on “Being sick stinks

  1. I think you got it from me. I thought I had a really bad allergy attack on Monday night when I was sitting outside (and I never had allergies), but it turns out I have the cold from Hell. I have the exact same symptoms as you: pounding head, pressure right between my eyes, congestion & runny nose (don’t know how that happens), raw throat……i’m achy all over. AND, I’m at work. We’re both stubborn!!

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