Angels and Demons

For some odd reason I got sucked into watching this show on the History Channel about the Da Vinci Code and now I have this urge to read the book. However, on the suggestion of a Waldenbooks employee, I have started with the book that sets up the Da Vinci Code called Angels and Demon’s. Now being me, I just couldn’t get the regular edition of the book, I had to go off and get the illustrated edition <- follow the link to Amazon to see it.

I gotta say, its been a long time since I’ve read a book that wasn’t a text book or a kids book that had pictures in it. I like how it breaks up the text and they’re really colorful. My only complaint right now about the book is that the chapters are really short sometimes. I had a chapter that lasted I think 2 paragraphs. I think I’m up to page 160 something and I’m already on chapter 47 or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I think the book is really good but I’m kinda bummed that the book was so much cheaper at Amazon. I’ll probably get the Da Vinci Code from Amazon but I need to find an item thats about 2-3 bucks so I can qualify for super saver shipping. Yeah I know I’m freakin cheap. 😛


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