The insanity of gas prices

I know that people have noticed gas prices just going through the stratosphere lately. I think in one week alone, the gas prices in Tampa have gone up about 20 cents. On Friday on my way home from work (I telecommuted 😉 ) I went to my local Hess station where it was $2.23 which was pretty damn cheap if you ask me. Then on Saturday, I had to go to Orlando to pick up some stuff with my wife’s car and when we went to get some gas it was already at $2.39, thats a little crazy. Now this morning I drive by my local gas stations and its already hitting $2.49! Thats what I call insanity right there. I think I’m going to have to start living at the office because at this rate I won’t be able to afford the commute to work.


4 thoughts on “The insanity of gas prices

  1. This is what Alex said to me the other day: “Time to move in together so we can save money and I can get a hybrid car.” Him, not me. Even though we’ve decided I would be the one who would benefit from such a car.

  2. Its pretty expensive here Jason. I saw that gas was $2.74 in Cos Cob, and $2.86 in Riverside/Greenwich. And its not funny when sometimes your job requires you to commute to hartford! I’m going to go broke! But its a good thing I get reimbursed. 🙂

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