I suck at bowling

Last night was $1.00 game night for league bowlers. I don’t bowl in a league anymore but I’m still sanctioned by the American Bowling Association so that entitled me and my wife to a nice discount. Holy crap did I suck badly. I could normally throw at least 130-160 depending on how my day was going but last night was just TERRIBLE! I think I was throwing just above 100. I guess it didn’t help that my thumb was sticking in the bowling ball hole and the A/C in the bowling alley was all but non-existant.

Hopefully I’ll do better this weekend when I go bowling with my wife’s family. Of course she totally kicked my ass, after all, she’s a league bowler 🙂 If we can do it, we’ll join my company league in the fall. That would be a nice thing to do on Monday nights besides staring at the TV.


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