Harry Potter x2

On Saturday, the Harry Potter book came out. I saw all the news stories and what not but I was personally waiting for the copy I ordered from Amazon. After wasting the entire morning at home (well to me it wasn’t a waste, I was rebuilding a computer from scratch), I went out with the wife, for what I really can’t remember at this point. When we came back I decided to check the management office to see if it was delivered. To my surprise it was closed at 4pm because of some pool party they were throwing. I was thinking, CRAP now I have to wait. I head on over to the mail boxes and the mail man is still there (we saw him 2 hours before putting mail away) and when he saw I had a slip of paper for a package, he told me that he had it!! SAWEETNESS! He gives me my Harry Potter book and I hand it over to my wife since I bought it for her. She knew we might start fighting over the book to read it so we headed over to Borders and got a regular version since hers is the limited edition one. Sadly, I haven’t even hit chapter 2 yet since I was busy this weekend. Although check out the cool cover for both books.

The one on the right is the limited edition book, the one on the left is my “regular one”. I’ll see if I can make some progress this week and this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter x2

  1. I’m trying to finish up another book that I have, I think its only 30 more pages so I’m going to bang that sucker out tonight and then finish the Potter book later this week or next. 🙂

  2. I’m up to chapter 4…i normally can bang out this book in a weekend, but i was too damn tired from working all weekend to see straight to read lol.

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