Potter Mania

Tonight at midnight, millions and millions of parents, teens, hell almost everyone is going to hit a local bookstore and try and get the new Harry Potter book. I will not be among them since I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. And I didn’t get any old edition, I got the DELUXE edition. My wife has all the other books in hard cover so I thought why not get her the really nice version of the book to add to her collection. Since I’m getting it for her, I’ll probably be able to read it in about a week or so from tomorrow which is when its expected to arrive. To all you Potter fans waiting in lines at bookstores tonight, all I have to say is …………… SUCKERS!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Potter Mania

  1. I shall be one of those fools waiting on line!! But the bookstores near me always seem to have them in stock. I didn’t even know there was a deluxe edition!!

  2. Of course there was bound to be a deluxe edition of the book. It’s got extra art work and all that jazz. It looks SAWEEEEEEET!

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